How it works

How Mobeazy works

We like to keep things simple at Mobeazy. You want mobility and freedom when you need it. On request, of course. How does it work? In three simple steps: you download the app, register, and get in. Download, register, get in. That simple? That simple! Want to know if Mobeazy is possible near you? Then visit our explanation page.

Download de Mobeazy app rechts

Everything combined in one handy app

To use Mobeazy's car sharing, we will determine if we are a good match together. Then you simply download the app, in the AppStore or Google Play.

Mobeazy Meld je aan

Register with Mobeazy

You can do this in the app as well. After filling in your information, we will check your driving licence. Payment takes place via iDeal: easy and trusted.

Mobeazy app - explanation videos

In these brief explanation videos, we will tell you exactly how the main functions of the Mobeazy app work.

Mobeazy costs and rates

We hate unnecessary payments at Mobeazy. So, you won't have to make any! No subscriptions, no registration fees, no deposits. You pay for the use and nothing else. The end.

Mobeazy app reserveren voor 1 uur


  • The price includes petrol and insurance.
  • A minimum of 1 hour, reservation in 15-minute time slots.
  • The hourly rate does not have a surcharge for extra kilometres.


€ 9,60,-

(excl. BTW)
Mobeazy app reserveren voor 24 uur

24 Hours

  • The price includes petrol and insurance.
  • The daily rate consists of a total of 24 hours 
  • Above 250 KM's a surcharge of €0,25,- per km applies 


€ 75,-

(excl. BTW)
Mobeazy app reserveren voor een weekend

One weekend

  • The price includes petrol and insurance
  • Start time Friday 5:30 PM, end time Monday 8:30 AM
  • Above 250 KM's a surcharge of €0,25,- per km applies 


€ 125,-

(excl. BTW)

A few simple rules

Of course, there are a few rules. This keeps things nice for you and the other Mobeazy users.


If you stick to the rules, then we won't have to incur additional costs. And you won't eithe

Turning in the car - the most important part is to bring back the car on time, because someone else might have reserved it after you. Are you running behind schedule? Then first try to extend your reservation in the app. If this is unsuccessful, then call our service desk on 088-5251990 so we can look for a solution together.

 € 50 +€ 25 / uur 

Smoking – we don’t do that in Mobeazy cars. Should we find out that you have smoked?

€ 250

Locking - if you incorrectly lock the car.

€ 25

Parking - parking the car in the incorrect spot, so another user needs to look for it.

€ 25

Administration fees - if we need to charge any fines.

€ 8,50

Cleaning - if you do not return a clean car. If the car is a mess, then the costs could increase significantly.

€ 50

Towing - if the car is towed, we will charge administration fees. The towing costs will be added to this!

€ 50 + kosten afslepen
Filling the tank

Your usage is included in the price you pay for using the Mobeazy. But that does not mean that you never have to charge or refuel, of course. In the Mobeazy you will find a fuel card with which you can refuel or recharge the car. If the car has less than 25% fuel left, you will have to refuel it yourself. Electric cars can be returned to the charging station when you have finished. If the car is less than 25% full when you put it back, that is not convenient for the next user.

Reservation rates

You can reserve your car yourself in the Mobeazy app. The user rates you see in the app are all-in rates. There will be no additional costs, unless you break the rules.


You will always pay the moment you reserve the car. When you make a change or cancel your reservation, then we will settle the costs or pay back the sum. For major business clients, invoicing is also an option.

Damage and deductible

When you unlock the car, you will be asked if the car is damaged. Always check this properly! If there was any damage before your reservation, then you will not bear the costs for this, of course. But only if you report this on time. If there is damage during your reservation, then there will be a €500 deductible. Naturally you will only pay this if the damage is your fault, not if someone else is liable for the damage.


After your registration in the Mobeazy app, we will process your application. Naturally, you will need to own a valid driving licence. Once the application is approved, you will receive a username and password, which you can use to immediately reserve cars in the app.