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For whom?

We'd love to tell you more about the possibilities of Mobeazy!

How does it work?

Which options are there and how does the App work exactly? Read more here.


About Mobeazy

We'd love to tell you everything about the story behind Mobeazy Flexible Mobility!

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We love care-free driving at Mobeazy. So, we have the best of BMW and MINI's products in our fleet. Modern and compact cars that are both reliable and fit any parking space.

'Mobeazy uses a network of companies and partners to offer transportation at as many locations as possible.'
Managing Director - Mobeazy
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Payment for use, no fixed fees

We don't like subscription fees at Mobeazy, so you'll only pay for the use of a car and nothing else.

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Everything combined in one handy app

We don't like fuss either. You can just download the Mobeazy app, create an account and get on your way.

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Ultimate freedom at your request

You can reserve the car you want, when you want it, for as long as you want it through the app. It's true, Mobeazy makes car sharing easy.

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