For whom?

A car gives you freedom, but is also expensive. Especially when you begin to realise that a car stays parked 95% of the time. Often in expensive parking spaces, too! Thus, at Mobeazy, we're working on innovating mobility, through sharing cars, bicycles and scooters, with a focus on locations where it is a hassle to park your car. Custom mobility, without the fixed fees of your own car. So, to answer our own question: Mobeazy is here for you!

Mobeazy bedrijven


Often major companies have a number of cars that can be used in a flexible way. But those cars are often linked to lengthy lease contracts. Mobeazy offers the solution for companies who wish to handle mobility flexibly: car sharing for employees. Renting a car for longer periods of time is possible with Mobeazy. All of which is very easy with a car sharing app.

Mobeazy Flex kantoren

Flex offices

Shared mobility can be a very interesting addition to the offered services of flex offices. Tenants often come to the office on foot, bicycle or via public transportation. However, they also like to go to meetings that are easier to reach by car. Having your own vehicle pool of shared cars is not profitable because of the overhead costs. Mobeazy can easily expand on the services of flex offices through flex mobility!

Mobeazy vastgoed

Real estate projects

The increasingly dense cities set stricter and stricter requirements to parking space. This means we need to optimally handle the available parking spaces. As said before: on average, 95% of the cars only take up space. It’s time to make smarter use of the number of cars we have. Mobeazy specifically targets these kinds of spaces, to make fewer cars available to more people. It might sound backwards, but it works!

Mobeazy - Buurtschappen


The population density of our country is increasing. Air pollution is becoming a bigger theme. Mobeazy makes (electric) shared cars available in densely populated areas. As a result, fewer parking spaces are required, and the air stays cleaner.

Interested? Simply contact us

It's great that you are considering establishing a Mobeazy location near your building. Look at the checklist to see if you have a suitable location. Or contact us for more information.

  • Apartment complexes and multi-tenant business buildings.
  • Urban environment with own parking spaces.
  • Space for an exclusive Mobeazy parking space.
  • Preferably close to a public transport stop/station.