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Mobeazy is available to everyone, but we focus primarily on closed communities. Businesses, business parks, flex offices, real estate projects, homeowners' associations, neighbourhoods, etc. Why? Because we like to make our shared mobility available in relevant places. Places with enough people who would like to use shared cars, shared bicycles or shared scooters. Visit our explanation page.

The benefits of Mobeazy?

  • Saving space. Did you know that an average of 95% of the Dutch vehicle pools stay parked? It is often difficult to park in busy places where many people get together, such as city centres, business parks and apartment complexes. If one car can be used by multiple people, we can combat this rush.
  • Saving on costs. Why have a car for every employee or neighbourhood resident if the mobility needs for those people differ? Why not make cars that are unused during the day available to those who do not need them at night? It results in the fixed costs of one car, while multiple people can make use of it.
  • Socially responsible. Shared mobility limits the carbon foot print. Moreover, we make as many electric vehicles available as possible in order to offer mobility that is as clean as possible.
  • It's simple. The Mobeazy app can be easily downloaded. Reservation is easy and the costs are clear: you only pay for the use. We charge clear hourly and daily rates in which everything is included. No petrol costs, no kilometre costs, no deposit or subscription fees; in short, no surprises.
  • Mobeazy is flexible. Reserve long in advance? No problem. Leave five minutes from now? Grab the app and score a Mobeazy near you. A car for an hour or for a few months? You can arrange matters easily in the Mobeazy app.
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