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Sign up

Once you’ve signed yourself or your community you will receive a fixed contact person who will arrange everything for you.  Companies will receive their own customized mobility advise.

For communities it is possible to get own signing on the car.
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Download de app and get in

After your registration we will check your account and send you an email with your username and password. Download our App in de Appstore and make your first reservation.     

Accident on the way? Reporting damage is also easy and quick with the app.
What are the rules?
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Mobeazy costs and tarrifs

Usage costs

€ 0,-

With Mobeazy you only pay when you use. No deposit, membership or registration fee

1 hour

  • Price inclusive fuel and insurance
  • Minimum 1 hour, reservation time in steps of 15 minutes
  • Hour tariff is all-in, no kilometer limits

1 day

  • Price inclusive fuel and insurance
  • Day tariff is based on 24 hours in total
  • Above 250 kilometers, EUR 0,25 per extra kilometer applies

1 weekend

  • Price inclusive fuel and insurance
  • Start time Friday 5.30 pm, end time Monday 8.30 am.
  • Above 250 kilometers, EUR 0,25 per extra kilometer applies
  • Minimum age 21 years
  • Own risk EUR 250,- per damage
  • Tariffs for electric and fuel cars are the same
  • Tariffs are excl. VAT

On all products and services general conditions are applicable.

A few simple rules

We kindly remind you to follow our rules and be careful and neat while using the cars. Together we can make carsharing a pleasant experience! Make your reservation anytime, anywhere, simply by the App!


Check the rules

About membership

If you sign up we will process your request and send you an e-mail with your username and password. Then, you can make your first reservation via the app. You just need a valid driving license. 

Damage and own risk

When you open the car (via App) you will be asked whether you see any damage. Please CHECK this carefully. You will never be held responsible for the damage before your reservation as long as you report this. For damage a standard 500 EUR deductible counts per reservation. 

Payment conditions

You can pay your reservation in advance by credit card, iDeal or your credit. You will receive your invoices by mail. 

Tariffs per reservation

You can make your own reservation with the App. Do you have any problems or is there no car available? Please contact our service desk 088 525 1990.


Driving a Mobeazy car always includes fuel or electricity. You don’t have to pay extra for this. During your reservation you can refill the car with the fuel card which you will find in the car. Please refill the car if the fuel level reaches below 25% and don’t forget to always put your electrical car back to the charger. If you forget this, others might have a problem. 


To ensure a pleasant ride for everyone, we ask you to follow our rules. We have to charge your for the following mistakes:

Not delivering the car (on time):
Mobeazy picking up the car  € 25 / uur
With a minimal tariff of€ 50
Smoking in the car€ 250
Not closing the car (correctly) € 25
Parking the car incorrectly€ 25
Administration costs for all fines€ 8,50
Leaving the car dirty€ 50
Administration costs for a towed away car

(excluding the actual costs)

€ 50

We trust you to bring back your car within the reservation time. There might be a next reservation. Are you not able to be back on time? Please try to extend your reservation first. If this isn’t possible please contact our servicedesk 088 525 1990