Carsharing with Mobeazy

Mobeazy provides carsharing mobility. Our App will help you to make a reservation, but also to open, start and close your shared car. You only pay per hour (this includes fuel and insurances), without a deposit, membership or registration fee.

Simple and affordable

  • You only pay when you use

  • Community with fixed users

  • App to make reservations, open, start and close the car; everything without a key

  • Direct online payment, for the actual usage of the car



  • Prices per hour, per day, and per weekend


Easy: arranging your own transport

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    person icon SIGN UP ON THE SITE
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    person icon INSTALL THE APP
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    lock icon START THE CAR AND GO!

Curious about the available brands and costs?

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Carsharing on your location?

Mobeazy is interesting for locations in urban areas, close to public transport, where many users gather. In general you will find Mobeazy at business centres, -area's, appartment complexes or large companies.

Occasional mobility

You always cycle to work or use public transport, but have an appointment outside of the office? Mobeazy guarantees your follow-up transport.

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Direct financial overview

The App allows you to open, start and close the car, but also automates the reservation and payment process. The driving registrations are linked to the users, therefore a tax-closing administration is possible.

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"Our members are in need of a flexible housing solution and expect flexibility in space, time and services. Of course this applies for mobility too"


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